Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The chronicles of a low histamine diet :)

So after seeing Dr. Butterfield at the Mayo clinic and getting my lab results, it has been decided that I need to eliminate triggers and high histamine producing foods from my diet!!! Now mind you I have never done this, and have been lucky enough to basically eat whatever I want!!!

Now I know that I can no longer do this.

My labs were worse than last year, and that did not make the masto man happy!! Also my skin is much worse, so therefore I am going to tackle this diet head first!!!

Sunday: so I started with eggs and toast. thinking i was good there, itched most of the day, realize now that wheat should be eliminated!!
Monday: eggs, toast, peanut butter, apple for lunch, hamburger, organic corn chips and romain lettuce for dinner.
this was pretty much gross as far as dinner goes, dry and difficult to swallow, but swallow I did!!!
Tuesday: Okay so I have discovered that really I can't do toast. So I had a bowl of oatmeal, and 2 eggs, worked well, apple and
peanut butter for lunch and then went shopping. Went to Byerlys and with hubbys help picked up things that were
supposed to be good for me. Got home made potatoes, turkey and drank a glass of pear juice!!! OOOPS the pear juice
organic or not set me off with runny nose, thick secretions, itchy skin and the worse stomach pains in a very long time.

Needless to say I took my meds and benadryl and went to bed. It was a long night, but feel OK this morning, not the usual hangover that I get with a masto attack. I often get the question, why didn't I use EPI, well I am saving that drug for a real emergency, see I typically don't anaphylax per say, I get really sick, and yes EPI would help this, but for me at this point in my disease, I will use the least amount of drugs to get me through then go from there!!!

So today is Weds and so far so good with my after effects!!! I will post tomorrow about my research and my ideas for meals!!


A. Dolan said...

I am so here for you Mishele! xxoo

Sara said...

Hi Mishele! I found you through the Mastocytosis Society online. I found your blog through a series of other links on other people's blogs. I know that this is an old post, but I'm wondering how the low histamine diet is going? Is wheat supposed to be triggering?

Sara said...

Hi, me again. I want to put up some links to good masto blogs on my blog. Hope it's okay to put up yours. I think the info is really good.